Our vision

Sustainable social economic transformation of vulnerable children and communities.

Our mission

To support vulnerable people attain sustainable development through building their capacities, information sharing and support.


We believe that integrity is the foundation of our Muslim character. Character is not inherited but is built daily by the way one thinks and acts, thought by thought, action by action.

Community Empowerment through urban farming
Project Details

Farming is an initiative aimed at bringing transformation to individuals, communities and nations through faithful and productive use of land. Our desire is that through the life lesson of farming we will help the vast masses of Uganda and the developing world, who are dependent on the land, to productively use what they have been given to turn a profit and come out of poverty. But while Uganda is rich in soil fertility, its children still suffer from hunger and starvation.

Project Objectives:

  • Support and encourage the small farmers’ scheme project
  • Train and educate small and rural farmers on various agricultural methods.
  • Equip farmers with agricultural tools.
  • Access financial funding and loans to small and rural farmers.
  • Partner with governments to build farm to market roads
  • Find markets for their products.
  • Create cooperatives among community members for financial empowerment.
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