Our vision

Sustainable social economic transformation of vulnerable children and communities.

Our mission

To support vulnerable people attain sustainable development through building their capacities, information sharing and support.


We believe that integrity is the foundation of our Muslim character. Character is not inherited but is built daily by the way one thinks and acts, thought by thought, action by action.

Our Interventions towards Mosque Renovation

At SAAMUFO we believe that without personal and spiritual development, there can be no social development. In most of the areas we work, places of worship like mosques are the places where personal and spiritual development happens.

After realising that a number of mosques in our area of operation are in terrible state, we made consultations with the mosque leaders on what was needed. Under this we managed to mobilise resources among members of SAAMUFO which we used to contribute towards plastering interior and exterior of three mosques as well as buying player-mats for these mosques.

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